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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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Over the years, when I have been asked to speak in Christian meetings, I have usually prepared some notes about what I expect to say and have printed these out for anyone who wants to follow up on what they have heard.  

Just preparing these notes has been a valuable exercise for me in my own talk preparation and it seems that the notes have been some use to some people as they have taken them away and maybe looked through some of the references.

There have been times when talks have grown into a series and other times when Val and I have led a series of Bible studies on a theme or a book.  Again, I have often prepared a set of notes, to be used as we go through the studies or to refer to afterwards.

Sometimes, when an idea has been ‘burning’ with me or some words just come together, I have felt the need to commit the words to writing. Sometimes it comes out as verse, sometimes as an ‘article’.  Usually, very few people have seen these and most of them have certainly never been published in any public way before.

So, for what they are worth, here are some of the things that I have written over the last 30-odd years.  More will be added as they become available!

Please get in touch with any questions or comments.

Dave Taylor

One of the most amazing facts of the Christian life is that God chooses to use ordinary people speaking ordinary words to encourage, explain and help.

I make no claim to anything extraordinary here, but I hope that some of these ordinary words may be of some help to you as you read – and more especially if, through them, you hear the voice of the true and living God as the Holy Spirit moves to reveal more of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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