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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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Blisworth Baptist Church

During our canal-travelling years (2007 to 2013), Blisworth near Northampton became our normal winter base and we were made very welcome by the fellowship at the ‘BBC’.

What does God Want Me to Do? – A life that pleases God?  January 2009

‘Daniel – Man of God’s Purpose’– an introduction to the book of Daniel.  January 2012

‘The God Who Is There’ – from Daniel Ch.3.  February 2012

‘Before Whom I Stand’ – from Daniel Ch.6.  March 2012

‘In the End, the Church’ – The Church at the End of Times.  November 2012

‘Dead or Alive? In or Out?’ – from Ephesians Ch.2.  January 2013

‘Hearing His Voice’ – from John Ch.10.  Learning to hear, recognise and respond to the voice of God.  April 2013

‘Relationships in Order?’ – from Ephesians Ch.5.  April 2013