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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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Simple word studies, exploring some New Testament words whose meanings are often hidden or obscure.

They are all listed on the A to Z pages

Out Of Action  ‘katargeo’, a very useful word which has been translated in several different ways: – abolish, destroy, nullify, release.

Bedrock ‘petra’, ‘petros’ and the difference between bedrock and a boulder!  ‘On this rock’, said Jesus, ‘I will build my Church’.

Children  Several different words describing believers as ‘children’ in the New Testament : ‘pais’, ‘paidion’, ‘nepios’, ‘teknon’, ‘teknion’.  What do they all mean?  What can we learn from them?

Manipulation ‘eritheia’  A word that turns up only seven times in the New Testament, but with sinister undertones and strong warnings.

Truth   ‘aletheia’   Not just the absence of lies, not just some religious theory . . .

Folded  ‘entulisso’  Thoughts on resurrection – but why ‘folded’?  Read and find out!

More to come . . .

“It’s all Greek to me” – a way of saying that you do not understand something that is said or written.  Cambridge Dictionary