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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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A series of informal studies together, which started in November 2022, and now meets at 6.30 pm on Sunday evenings roughly every fortnight in the back room of the Congregational Chapel, Lapford, EX17 6QD.  
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These notes are all listed on the A to Z pages

Paul – A Man Prepared

Paul in Galatia

Message & Messenger – Galatians 1 & 2

Following Rules Doesn’t Work – Galatians 3

The Freedom of Sonship – Galatians 4

Freedom in Practice – Galatians 5

How It Works Out – Galatians 6

Paul and the Galatians  All the sets of notes above, combined into one booklet.

Romans 1 Paul, his message and the background.

Romans 2  Humanity Stands Before God.

Romans 3  Law and Faith

Romans 4  Faith, Grace & Promise

Romans 5  Abundance of Grace

Romans 6  Grace is Much More Than Forgiveness