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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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This page has links to several pages, one for each of the different places where I have spoken, where you will find the talk notes from each session.  Click the green buttons as appropriate.  Also a few which I cannot remember where I gave the talks – !!  Do you know?

They are all listed on the A to Z pages


‘Baptism’ October 2002.  A concentrated look at the meaning of baptism.  Also worth looking at ‘A World Under Water’, which is a transcript of chapter 3 of Watchman Nee’s book ‘Love Not The World’.

‘Christ Loved the Church’ August 1999.  Has our emphasis on personal salvation clouded our view of God’s purposes?

Blisworth Baptist Emmanuel M.B. Sticklepath Lapford CC / YVCF Lapford Congs. King St. Chapel

Crediton Congs. Bow Congs. Okehampton Baptist