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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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Links to study notes from series which Val and I have led.

They are all listed on the A to Z pages

‘Five Lies Your TV is Telling You’.  A series of 5 talks about how we can be too easily affected by current popular thinking.  Lapford Congregational Chapel, 1998 and then again at Crediton Congregational in 1999.

Roots and Shoots’ – a short series for those who have taken their first steps of faith.   2000.  Chart – What Has Jesus Done for Me?

‘Foundations for Faith’ – basics of the Christian life, given as a series of talks at Lapford Congregational Chapel in 2003.

‘Daniel – Man of God’s Purpose’, ‘The God Who Is There’ and ‘Before Whom I Stand’. Short series of talks on Daniel at Blisworth Baptist Church, January - March 2012.

The Judgement Seat of Christ.  A very short study ‘paper’ to follow up a discussion we had in our home group.  June 2015

The Church –His Own People.  A series looking at the Church in the light of John Chapter 17.  Main Road Chapel, Lapford, 1991.

‘Because of My House’.  Studies in the Restoration of the Church, based on the book of Haggai.  Given as a series of talks at Main Road Chapel, Lapford, 1993.

‘Spiritual Gifts – 1’ & ‘Spiritual Gifts – 2’.  Basic talks at Bow Congregational, August - September 1993.

Gifts & Ministries in the Church.  A basic outline of the need for these in the church today.  1994

Handling Spiritual Gifts

Revolution on Earth  An introduction to the Bible’s teaching about the Kingdom of God.  Lapford 1996

‘The Baglady and the Basics’ – a short study series that we did with a small group who had followed the Alpha Course and wanted to go on with more Bible Study.    Lapford  1997-98.

Standing in Grace’, ‘Double Freedom’ and ‘Raised To Life’.  A short series on Grace.  Talks at Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship, Lapford, August 2015.

‘No Mere Remembrance’  A booklet or small book exploring the relevance of the breaking of bread to our ongoing spiritual growth. Larger type version if wanted.  2017

‘First Steps . . . To Maturity’  A series of studies in Colossians. Lapford, October 2018 to January  2019.

By His Doing  What does it mean to be ‘In Christ’? Notes from a series at Okehampton Baptist, October 2018 to January  2020.

It’s All Yours!  A short study in 2 Peter chapter 1.  October 2021

‘Designed to Grow’ Exploring God’s Purpose for the Church. I started this soon after writing ‘No Mere Remembrance’ but only finished it 5 years later! 2023. Larger type version if wanted.

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