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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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‘This Grace In Which We Stand’  March 1998.  The solid foundation of a life joined to the life of Jesus.

‘The Light of the World’  March 1999.  Jesus said that WE are the light of the world!  How does that work?

‘The Fall of Jericho’   January 2000.  Joshua’s journey to real faith – Hebrews 11.

‘Released!’   September 2000 Experiencing spiritual poverty? Lessons from Elisha and a widow!

‘Heirs of God’  August 2001  Are we living near the end of the world?  What is God’s purpose for us?

‘Parables of the Kingdom – The Dragnet’ September 2002.  Accepted into the Kingdom of God – or not?

‘What’s it All For?’   May 2003 Why did we come to Christ in the first place?  Why did he want us?

‘Staying Closer Than Close’  May 2004.  Is it possible to live close to God in these days?

‘Whose House?’   May 2005  God’s priority, the Church.  Notes from Haggai.

Emmanuel Methodist Church

Morchard Bishop is just a few miles from Lapford and strong links were developed with Main Road Chapel, especially  between many of the young people in the 1990s.