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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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‘Who Is A Christian?’  September 1998.  Do we have the right to say “I am a Christian” – ?

‘Five Lies Your TV is Telling You’.  Autumn 1998. A series of 5 talks about how we can be too easily affected by current popular thinking.

‘Everything Under His Feet’  March 1999.  Mankind’s relationship with nature – past, present and future.

‘What Is The Church?’  August 1999.  Have we really understood what God means by the church?

‘Foundations’  February 2000.  The need for real foundations – personal and corporate.

‘Ready For The Master?’  June 2000.  Thinking seriously about being ready for his return.

‘The Writing On The Wall – For Organised Christianity’ October 2000.  Why do we persist in investing in man-made organisations and structures?

The Writing On The Wall – For Personal Religion’  October 2000  Religious practice doesn’t work – but there is an alternative!

‘Hurting’ November 2000.  How do we handle it when we are hurt?  Lessons from King David.

‘The Good Confession’ December 2000.  Results of open declaration of our faith.

‘In Christ’  May 2001.  One of the commonest New Testament descriptions of Christians – what does it mean?

On His Shoulders December 2002.  ‘And the government will be on his shoulders’ – what does it mean?

‘Foundations for Faith’ February to March 2003. A series of 8 talks on the basics of the Christian life.

 Recordings of each of these – please go to Recordings .

Three playlets from morning meetings in 2002 and 2003:

‘The Real Meaning’  November 2002

‘Forgiven’ January  2003

‘Escape Route’  February 2003

‘Some Thoughts on World Evangelism’  February 2007.  Notes for a session with a Congregational Foundation Course group.

Lapford Congregational Church

Val and I were part of the congregation here from 1997 to 2003, which also led to contacts with ‘the Congs’ in Crediton.

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