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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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‘The Church – His Own People’  July to September 1991. Six studies on the Church from John chapter 17.

‘Giving’  March 1992.  A simple study on financial giving

‘Galatians Chapter 2’ November 1992.  A simple summary of Paul’s radical teaching.

‘Because of My House’  January to July 1993.  Eight studies on the restoration of the Church, from the book of Haggai.

‘The Holy Spirit’  June 1993. Five studies as a basic introduction to the work of the Holy Spirit.

‘Adoption As Sons’  November 2013.  We had been discussing the New Testament use of the word ‘adoption’ in our home group and I collected many different sources to explain the real meaning!

‘Plans For The Future’  January 2015.  We may have plans for

our lives – How about our Father’s plans for us?

‘Standing In Grace’,

‘Double Freedom’

and ‘Raised To Life’  August 2015.  A 3-part series on the basics of Gods grace to us.

‘Trusting God – An Introduction’  April 2016.  How can we start to trust God for ourselves?

‘Encouragement and Unity’  July 2016.  Our responsibilities to stay united and encourage each other.

‘Unity – and Exhortation!  December 2016.  The primary importance of unity and our need to prioritise it.

‘Paraklesis & Nouthesis’ December 2016.  A study of the New Testament Greek words for ‘encouragement’.

‘To Know Him’ March 2017. The Father’s plan and desire for us to really know him.

‘‘Maturity’ 31 Dec 2017. We need to press on to maturity!  (6 Mins - recording only)

‘Housebuilding’  17 Feb 2019  (7 Mins - recording only)

‘Dead To Law’  22 May 2022  (21 mins recording only)

Ready for the Kingdom?  Luke 19:11-27.  The Lord Jesus taught constantly about the Kingdom of God / the Kingdom of the Heavens.  This parable is about being ready for the Kingdom.  30 July 2023  (29 minutes - recording only)

Love Divine – why I can’t sing most of this hymn by Charles Wesley!    And . . .

What Have We Just Done? – Glimpses into the significance of sharing bread and wine.  29 October 2023 (5 minutes each, recordings only)

Lapford Community Church / Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship / Main Road Chapel

Our main core fellowship in Lapford from 1987 until 1997, and again since we returned to Lapford in early 2013.

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