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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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‘Foundations for Faith’ – basics of the Christian life, given as a series of talks at Lapford Congregational Chapel in 2003.

These are digital copies from taped originals, so the quality is OK but not brilliant.

1.Your Life in His Plans
2. I’ve Blown It – Again!
3. I’ve Given Up On Me
4. New Life – New Living
5. Naturally Supernatural
6. Hang On In There!
7. Growing Together
8.The End Of The Beginning

‘Plans For The Future’  January 2015, Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship.  We may have plans for our lives – How about our Father’s plans for us?

‘Double Freedom’ August 2015, Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship.  No. 2 of a 3-part series on the basics of Gods grace to us.

‘Trusting God – An Introduction’  April 2016, Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship.  How can we start to trust God for ourselves?

RECORDINGS – MP3 Sound Files

Links to recordings made of  a few of the talks..

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‘To Know Him’ March 2017, Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship. The Father’s plan and desire for us to really know him.

‘Maturity’ 31 Dec 2017, Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship. We need to press on to maturity!  (6 Minutes)

‘Joined to the Son’  21 Oct 2018, Okehampton Baptist Church.  An introduction to what it means to be ‘in Christ’.

‘Housebuilding’ 17 Feb 2019, Yeo Valley Christian Fellowship  (7 Minutes)

‘The Double Cure’  28 Apr 2019, Okehampton Baptist Church.  God’s remedy for failure in our lives.

‘The Spirit Poured Out’  8 Dec 2019, Okehampton Baptist Church. The Holy Spirit at work in us and upon us.

‘Dead To Law’  22 May 2022 Lapford Community Church (recording only)

‘Who Are You?’ 5 June 2022, Okehampton Baptist.  Who does God say you are?

‘Who Are You Talking To?’  12 June 2022, Okehampton Baptist.  Who are you talking to when you pray?

Ready for the Kingdom? 30 July 2023  Lapford Community Church (29 minutes - recording only)   Luke 19:11-27.  The Lord Jesus taught constantly about the Kingdom of God / the Kingdom of the Heavens.  This parable is about being ready for the Kingdom.

Love Divine – why I can’t sing most of this hymn by Charles Wesley!    And . . .

What Have We Just Done? – Glimpses into the significance of sharing bread and wine.  29 October 2023  Lapford Community Church (5 minutes each, recordings only)