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Just One Candle

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

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Galatians Chapter 2

Getting It Right

Gifts & Ministries in the Church


The Goal of the Gospel

Goals and Growth

Going Nowhere Fast?

The God Who Is There (Daniel ch.3)

The Good Confession

Grace – Level Ground

Handling Spiritual Gifts

Hastening His Return

Hearing His Voice

Heirs of God

The Holy Spirit


How It Works Out – Galatians 6

How To Grow

Hung Up


Identity and Potential

If My People . . ?


In Christ

In the End, the Church

Is God In Control?

The Pilgrim Church

Plans for the Future

Prayer and a Lost World

Prophet of God – Or Liar from Hell?

It’s All Yours!

Joined to the Son

Joined to the Source

The Judgement Seat of Christ

Leadership Is Male

Light of the World

Looking Elsewhere




Message & Messenger – Galatians 1 & 2

No Mere Remembrance

No Real Existence



Not By Might

Not Praying for Revival

The Obedience of Faith

One Body to Function

On His Shoulders

Out Of Action

Paraklesis & Nouthesis

Paul – A Man Prepared

Paul In Corinth

Paul in Galatia

Perpetual Penitence?

Alphabetical List – G to P

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